My Journey

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Once Upon A Time…

For those of you wanting to know about me: I’m Daniela. I’m deaf and also, I’m a human-being like you. 😉  In this blog, it’s my journey about my childhood to adulthood life. I live in two worlds- not sure how I survived but I did. Let’s get started.

I grew up in a small country- Costa Rica (CR). It’s in the middle of North and South America. Check the map if you’d like. My favorite dish: gallo pinto with maduro and cheese plus bread. It’s not because of the traditional culture but it’s so delicious. Spanish was my first language. I’m fluent in speaking and reading lips. I attended to a deaf school which I used another language, Lengua Señas de Costarricense (LESCO). I became a Flamenco dancer at the age of nine. 💃🏻

Not many know this, I love being around with family. For example, every year on Christmas Eve/Day- our family get together to celebrate with a good laugh, a good chat and a good time. Christmas Eve with my mom’s side while Christmas Day with dad’s side. It’s one of my favorites. Any events, family always will be there — no matter how far it was.   

That was my life until my family and I decided to move to United States (USA). I was young kid. Leaving everything I had include family and friends even my favorite dish.  I remembered the process of packing, setting boxes, etc. By the time, we left to America. I was excited to go to USA but I didn’t know what is it like to live there. I had a culture shock and I didn’t know English, of course. 😮

It was overwhelming with everything.  I went to a hearing school for the first time. With that, I met another student who’s also deaf and the interpreter. We were the only deaf in this school. Anyway they used different Sign Language (SEE/PSE) when they first talked to me. I had no clue what they said. I mean my LESCO and their sign, they’re not the same.  The feeling of ‘I’m the only one foreign here’ wasn’t the best to start off.  A few months later, I got placed into English Second Language where I met another foreign students from different countries.  I felt much better, honestly. Then I picked up English at the same time SEE/PSE as well. Then, I went to high school and  graduated. 👩🏻‍🎓

Later, I’ve gone to Gallaudet University- that was a first time in a while to be in a deaf community. I mean, everyone were signing– the last time I saw like that was in CR. However, the sign language were different from SEE/PSE, it’s American Sign Language (ASL). Today, I use ASL and I love it. Last but not least, I graduated there with B.A. 👩🏻‍🎓

According to Jeremiah 29:11, it’s incredible of how my journey took: I met so many people throughout years of living here. I know 4 different languages and I mixed with them sometimes (that’s okay). My favorite food is Chick Fil A but my favorite dish still number #1. I own a German Shepherd dog (4 years old). I was in newspaper twice. Lists would go on. So that means my journey is not over. 🙂  

God planned all of this, unbelievable. He is bigger than everything. 

I’m thankful to be here. It doesn’t matter where I am, I miss my home and family. They’ll be always in my heart. ❤

 daniela (3)

If God surprises me,  He will surprise you too. 


2 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Yes I remember that day we met at school! We were trying our best to communicate after a while. Also when you were so new to clothes season and was like OK I feel so big in this big coat haha. Good memories!!

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