Forgive, Grace & Hope

“Though everything inside of me wants to hate, be angry, and slip into despair I choose the route of forgiveness, grace and hope…. Today I am deciding to love, not hate.” -Davey Blackburn

Life’s not a piece of cake, but it’s not about how uneasy. I remembered I struggled for several times– I wanted to end perceive to be frustration, anxiety, and sadness. Have you experienced that before? Some do or don’t. The point is when I read Davey Blackburn’s comment, he astonished me because of a shock tragic news about his wife, Amanda. I imagined he’d be angry, throw something at wall or hide in the room for a while but he didn’t. I analyzed his statement and I comprehend why he chose this way.

Any circumstances were not always simple to handle with especially on our own. Our reactions, depending on the situations, shouldn’t turn away from Jesus. When turning away from Him, our emotions would’ve taken over us without noticing it which it leads to miserable. I mean, it’s easy to give up, to be pissed, to yell at someone, to shut people or escape from it. No one could control the sentiment if it’s out of your limits. I’ve been there and done that. If you and I hadn’t ignore, Jesus will help each of us through step by step to heal the wound with forgiveness, grace and hope. Every of us could stand in charge by Him. Let’s love each other, not hate.

Now, would you love and turn to Jesus? Or hate and be gloomy? If I was in this position, I’d choose the route to the Lord and let Him carry me through these levels. Although, it doesn’t mean that God shall remove the pain so I won’t suffer– that’s not how it works. We mightn’t understand the ache what Jesus had when He was a flesh. In the verse 1 Peter 5:10 said In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation.” Isn’t that enough? His promises never fail. This is why we should focus on Jesus.

According to 1 Peter 5:10, I’ll share the differences between my past and present. In a previous, I faced challenges which took a while to recover me. Meanwhile, I attempted to improve myself, things kept throwing rocks at me.  Now, this time is different since Jesus came into my life. Once I had problems again, and I came to God. He recovered me time to time until it’s disappeared. How?  Pray and take it out to Him then He’ll take care of this. Also, I put my faith in the Lord.

In Davey’s case meant was no matter how big or small issues we’ll face, put ourselves depend on the Lord instead running away.

Forgive them: Matthew 6:14

Receive grace from God: Ephesians 2:8

Have hope in Him: Romans 15:13


One thought on “Forgive, Grace & Hope

  1. I remember I saw a post on fb other day it said ” we have two wolves in us, one is happy, strong, positive and something like that and other wolves is mean, jealousy, and angry so which is you? The one you feed to.” It hit me a lot and helped me to learn to control my emotions at a time.

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