A Surprise Gift

First of all, I want to apologize for not blogging in a while. But here I am to share about a surprise gift.

The story began with…

I went to a woman’s conference “Living Free: Raw Honesty. Fresh Hope” last March. I listened to Angie Smith’s testimony and Gwen Smith’s worship songs– worth-inspired. During between testimonies and worship songs, there were prizes. The host insisted us to write and put in the basket. I looked over the audition, 200 women include 20 deaf.  Two women wanted us to aware that they prayed to God and let Him chose who need it. After twenty-four prizes gave out, two women let the host pick a name for last prize basket: a Mexico trip.

God picked me.

Actually, the interpreter spelled “Daniella Horras” then she corrected the H to P- “Daniella Porras.” I was SHOCKED even I ignored the fact my name is DanieLa. Shocked, not because it’s a prize but God chose me. ME! I felt like a dream.

So, we reserved on July. I was super excited since I’ve never been to Mexico. When we arrived the airport and checked in along the passports but they rejected my passport. We came back home after a long morning with a discussion. Later, mom called to inform the hotel to postpone the reservation. Unfortunately, bad news: ‘the policy is policy.’

I was lost.  I mean, God gave me a trip for a reason and a passport prevented me from going. Next day, Dad had a thought led him to make a phone call. While on the phone, the representative responded: “Everything’s worked out. Your next reservation is on August.”

WHAT? Let me rephrase, “WHAAAAAAT?!” This hit me that God brought a new door. Look at this: a passport closed us and a call opened us. I realized, He kept his promise. I’m used to unbroken promises. Also, God knows when time is right more than we do.

I said to God “thank you!” God allow us to have time to get new passports and complete with upcoming plans.

When the month of August came, we stayed there for a week. It was what we needed: rest and enjoy.

Thank you, Lord, for this vacation.


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