My First Snow

I spotted an old picture of my dad, brother and me with full of happiness along the snow in background. It was my first snow. Then it hit my mind: why not share with you about it!?

Join with me to my flashback memory:

On a morning weekend, my  little brother woke me up. He spoke in Spanish, “Mira, mira.”  Mira means look, in case if you’re wondering. My eyes were sleepy, yet, I puzzled. 🤔 He opened the blinds without give me a moment to be awake. I blinked because it was so bright. When I looked outside from my window, I dropped my jaw. 

SNOW! ❄️❄️❄️❄️

I had a thought: EVERYWHERE WAS WHITE. My brother and I never seen it before, only the movies which it didn’t count. We grew up in Costa Rica with just sunny, cloudy and rainy or stormy. Anyway, I RAN with him to the front door but mama stopped us. You see, we were going out without coats, boots and gloves. Funny, right? 

Did I mentioned I was in pajama? 😅

I hurried to put them on and stepped out of the house. I was overwhelmed and excited.  My parents joined my brother and I. We played around or throw at each other or step in to see the shape of shoes/ hands. Mom basically was taking pictures. Of course, I didn’t aware what snow could do: YOU SLIP AND FALL. 😀 It was chilly that day. I cherished that moment, a joyful. To this day, I never forget my first snow.

Now, tell me about your first snow. It can be the day you remember. And I’d love to hear all about it from you!

P.S here’s my picture. ❤
He was ten and I was twelve years old.


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