Once Flamenco dancer, always Flamenco dancer

Most of people know me knew I was a Flamenco dancer. I realized not many know the behind story of why/how I became Flamenco dancer.  The fact? I love dance. I could dance anywhere, even in the kitchen– when nobody is around. 😉  

How did this started?

I look back upon that time when my music teacher chatted with me– I don’t recall our conversation– she referred to ‘Flamenco’ and I nodded. When I got home, my mom asked me if I was certain about this. I said, “Let’s check it out.” The building was enormous and beautiful. I got nervous because I knew no one there. The first thing I caught that red hair woman with black shirt and black skirt, smiled at me.  Her name is Paulina Peralta. She signed LESCO (lengua señas de costarricense). Everyone greeted at me.  

I felt welcome.

I joined them after a five minutes of meeting. I glanced at women and girls in a long skirt and heels. Mine was grey sweatpants and sneakers. Profesora Paulina gave me a skirt to wear. I’d tell you, I got lost. So, Profesora P had patience with me and taught me how to move with hands and feet. That day, I was only nine years old and only deaf in the group.

Each week, I’ve improved each steps. With that, I trained myself on memorizing the counts, following when-to-start-to-end musics and recording the choreographers. Every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I showed up for practice after school for two hours from February to December. In between during school year, I had performances plus, I was on TV.  

402027_4484828922916_757651792_nEvery theaters, mom and I had to be there early to warm up first and get ready for the show. Or sometimes, we’d go there to practice a day before. I remember every December, the last of performance- I’d spent morning to night rehearsal on Thursday. And, following the next two days (Friday and Saturday), morning to warm up then night to perform. Of course, I had lunch and dinner breaks. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much. I wouldn’t call myself as an ‘excellent’ dancer. There’s one moment, I literally messed up in a somewhat short. I didn’t remember how but I blundered in the dance during staging. I went to flow quickly as if it never happened. Nobody noticed except Profesora P and mom. Whew. Still, I cherished every single of it.

What a remarkable experience for me. Not sure how I managed this through two years between dance and academic. I couldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for my mom. She stood with me through all. Like a manager. She handled with all like makeups, bag for outfits and schedules. My favorite part was that mom stayed with me in the backstage and  my familia were in the audience. Can you imagine that? I’m delightful for this opportunity especially with the support from my familia and friends. Flamenco will be forever in my heart since I moved away. That shows how much I love dance. Two years of this journey, I’ve fallen in love with Flamenco. Today, I still do.

I was once Flamenco dancer, always Flamenco dancer. ❤

a short clip of my rehearsal dance



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