Ice Rink with Kids

Don’t laugh when I tell you this; I CAN’T SKATE on ice. Only on ice.

Okay, you can laugh.

I simply forgot how cold when I came in the ice rink area. I didn’t bring gloves and hats to keep me warm but that’s okay! At least I had two coats. This was my second time. Yes, you read that right: SECOND TIME. My last one was in 2012 back in D.C. You see, I’ve never been to an ice place. Again, I’m from Costa Rica– we don’t have those there. Growing up, I saw the ice skate on films which caused me think only people skate for competitions or hockey games. Oh, I assumed the ice rink only exists in New York because most of the movies were in NY (I could be mistaken). However, this rink exists everywhere! Duh me. But can you blame me? No. I’m still learning about America. 😀

A few people encouraged and others begged me to join with them. I admit I’m afraid to fall and crash then I’d get bruises on the next day. In addition, as I stated, I can’t skate. I can skate on the woods. Finally, I joined the club, after a few minutes. Lucky, I didn’t collapse. I was that good! 😉 Well… actually, does count with holding on the wall?  No? That’s how I didn’t fall down from staying on the wall. Hey, I tried!

Meanwhile with learning how to skate, the kids cheered me up for trying which got me smile. The kids were bright and lighthearted. It struck me that nothing matters if I slip or aught. According to this, what’s more important that you take a chance to enjoy with yourself and with others. Laugh as much until your stomach gets abs. For instance, the expression said “I have a kid in my heart.” I had two or three people older had no clue how to skate but they did try. This one little girl crashed and hit her lip but she kept skatting with a full of joy. I mean that it didn’t matter how old, we’re here to cherish our freedom. That what should be this way.


 What a such wonderful time!

Guys, you should try this sometime.

On the left picture was taken in 2012, I had braces. On the right took this year 2017, no braces but glasses (not in pictured). Changed so much over the years!


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