Summer Life Update

Who would wish the summer end? I don’t. I’d rather to be spent at the beach for a whole year. But hey, it sucks that won’t happen unless you travel, that’s another story.

Anyway, I’ve been struggling with what to write for my blog because it’s been a while. I flashed back and realized I had great phenomena to share with you all. I just didn’t open my laptop and tell you about it which I should have. However it is not too late, right? Let’s bound to Back to the Future with me. 😉 Just like the movie. Ha.


**This is a warning for you: this is a long blog I ever wrote.**


Let’s gooooo back to– APRIL. A night event for only ladies called Breakfast for Tiffany’s. This one was unique which I LOVED IT. Beforehand, each of us send a letter to their sisters for a several weeks until the party to reveal your secret sister. I loved when the woman’s reaction once learned who was her secret. My favorite part? The females and I get to dressed up in black dress (some teal dress) and hairstyle plus makeup. I recalled two ladies actually dressed just precisely like Tifanny’s fashion style. It was enjoyable moment with them. A portion of giggles, embraces, chatters, etc. Looking forward for another event upcoming soon and I promise to write about it. 😉

Other than that, my dear friends just moved away to another state. The church hosted a farewell for them– that wasn’t easy thing to do. Hope to see them again one day. Meanwhile they moved, God bless them a new home.


My favorite month, MAY, because it was my birthday month. I considered this BIZARRE and energetic. I mean, one of those days; it was hot, cold or rain weather. I worked every day at school with kids which I love to do. I caught a glimpse of my friends walked on the stage on graduation day: CONGRATULATIONS! Also, I reunited with friends those I haven’t seen for a long time. My birthday approached, then I celebrated another year with my family at Chuy’s restaurant.

Ah, the mothers’ day! I drove the night before to pick out a flower for mom. So I hid them in the basement in order not to spoil the surprise. So, the next morning, Dad put the flower and card on the table in the kitchen. I waited for mom to come downstairs to see them. Once she came, I pressed ‘recording’ on my phone and I kept walking backward as mom’s walking toward me- THAT’S WHEN SHE SAW THE SURPRISE! It was priceless reaction that made me happy for the entire day. 

One Saturday, the girls and I went to Richmond for Deaf Leadership Roundtable. With that, the guest speaker blew my mind. It was worth and benefit for us then we end up at TGIF restaurant for dinner. Amazing day with them– I would love to do again.



The summer began in June which my work just ended. By ended, I mean the school closed until August. On a Saturday night, there was a quinceañera birthday party. For those who don’t know about quinceañera– it’s just like Sweet Sixteen but it’s quite different. A young woman who’s becoming ‘sweet fifteen’ will wear a princess dress (only colors- some prefers green or pink or etc). This girl looked beautiful in a blue dress. It was great night. 

I was invited to a baseball game with the group of church- it was a long game! Unfortunately, WAS. lost the game to ATL. Haha.  I went to Kings Dominion for a day. I had SO much fun. By the time we head home from K.D, the van broke down (actually, the tire blew up) and we were stuck for a little. With that, we had two church friends came to help– which we had to switch to another van. In the end, it was all good. 

On Fathers’ day, I surprised Dad with a card with a gift card and a small balloon of I LOVE YOU. HE LOVED IT (he still has the balloon today!). A few weeks later, my family got invited to a cookout party, my parents and I came in a separate cars. We had fun with people. Most of the time they were chatting and eating. Even, I joined to play games like dominos with others. My parents left but I stayed a little longer. To be honest, I felt a little strange because I am the only deaf there plus I’m always around with my parents there. This time they left and I stayed which it was my first time. Being with them, I actually enjoyed! It seemed they had no problem with me there. When I thought it was time to go, their reactions were like “aw, you’re leaving!?” That made me realize I am loved by them.



This month, JULY– the first day, the church host a picnic day. It was indeed HOT and HUMID. We all delighted with food and beverages. Chattered with them until around 4pm, the rain poured! Actually, what happened was that we all were packing to ready to go. I was walking to the bridge toward to my car. As I passed the bridge– I repeat– THE RAIN POURED! I hurried to my car but I was a bit wet.

On July 4th, an excellent news I received that my friend gave a birth boy! He’s a precious baby boy. On July 7th, it was a baseball night. I invited two friends to come with me- we had so much fun! I reunited one of my friends that I haven’t seen for a while. And the best part, the WAS. won which ATL. lost. 

The last but not least, I went to the National Harbor with my mom and other girls. It was so worth to go over there. I love, love that place and I plan to go back again. Ah, I forgot to add one more– I finally met little 4th July baby! He is so, so handsome. Can’t wait to see him and friends again.


So, this was pretty much of what’s going on this summer. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs and I PROMISE to write more. Just bear with me. 😉

Love you all! ❤


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