A Lovely News

Hola, amigos!

Hope you’re doing well. I’m doing okay, in case if you’re wondering. Anyway, I decided to do a short update on a specific matter. Especially, I couldn’t wait to share about a lovely news for this upcoming month, December. So, here I am telling you what is up. 😉

Update: Today, on 29th, marked one month since my great-grandma went home. If you haven’t read what I’ve been through, check here. For a month, I’ve been down lately. I tried to keep my chin up as possible as I can. Not easy. From time to time, I’m just remained to stay strong and courageous. Not easy, again. However, your love and support still keeps me going.

With being said, I just got a unexpected news- a great one. 😆 My both sides of family from Costa Rica- they are coming THIS DECEMBER! I’m so excited for them to come!  On dad’s side, my aunt who’s his sister along with my uncle and my little cousin will be here. They came here before, except my little cousin That was when I was probably in middle school and my cousin wasn’t born yet. Then, on mom’s side, my uncle who’s her brother along with my aunt plus my cousins will join us. It’s their FIRST time to be here! Whoo! 😀 😀 😀

My home will be Full House for the first time in a while. I don’t recall when was the last moment of having a full house. This is incredible blessing because I didn’t see them for over five years. This would be sort of like a reunion. The best part, it’s gonna be our first Christmas with them after decades! Amazing, right?

I’m beyond excited how things will be work out for the next month. Honestly, I strongly believe this was all by the grace of God. I’m not certain how to explain all of this to make sense. I doubt I will ever understand. Let’s just say: I’m so appreciated. This how much God loves me just as He loves you all.

That was my short update and lovely news that I wanted to blog. Thank you for reading! 💗💗💗 Do you have any plans in December? I’d love to hear all about it!

Let me know and have a lovely day!


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