Favorite Times of the Year: 2017

Hi, lovelies. HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you’re doing well due a hectic schedule since Christmas is around corner. I got sick a little but I’m doing okay! The weather finally came back to normal which I don’t like. At least, we had a snow! I’m hoping for more snow soon. (update: we had a little snow today- awesome, right?) 😀 😀 😀 

In this blog, I will reveal what are my favorite times of the year in 2017- not in the order. Many memories within one year were extremely crazy and extremely amazing. There were ups and downs roads- they will be always in my memories.. Anyway, I’m gonna make this simple and sweet. ❤

  • Reunited with friends & made new friends: thank you for being my friends!
  • Wedding: So happy I got to witness my two dear friends got married! IMG_3875
  • Fun activities: Been to Ice Rink, King Dominion, pool, hike, National baseball, movie, visited to Baltimore National Harbor, etc. They were fun!
  • Word With Friends: I know this is strange.  I love this game because I could connect to a few people in some way.IMG_3882
  • Surgery success: Well, I’m not a big fan of surgery but that changed my life forever.
  • Congratulations, babies: a few of my friends and my cousin welcomed their kids. They’re so precious!
  • Great-grandma’s in peace: I honor her to be part of this year. It was hard to believe she’s gone, but she’s in my heart forever.  IMG_3880
  • My birthday: another year to celebrate! Glad that I got to spend time with the family on that day.IMG_3252
  • Celebration: Great time at graduation, parents’ birthday party, quinceañera, cookouts, thanksgiving, International Day, etc. 
  • Got license: Say what? It’s been a long journey, but I did it! What an interesting experience as a driver.
  • My cousin visited USA: So glad he came for the first time. We got spend a bunch of time. Missed him so much! IMG_0888

I think that’s all. However, it’s not over yet. There’s one last thing to do before the year ends: celebration Christmas with my two families! I’m looking forward to it! I’m sure you feel the same way, right? I believe so! 😀

I want to hear all about your favorite times in 2017. Hope it’s great ones! Leave a comment as you’d like to. Thank you so much for reading today- you’re an awesome. Have an amazing day!




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