New Year

Happy New Year, amigos! I’m aware it’s over, but never too late. Hope the year is treating you well. Here are my new year resolutions:

  • Each year, I always believe to begin with “let the year with full of love.” We deserve love, more than ever. Right? I mean, love conquers it all. So, I want to spread love everywhere. I’m the kind of person to make sure you know that you’re loved. ❤
  • You’ve heard how people says “I’ll be a better person this year” phrase? Not me. I’m determined to be a better person TODAY, instead wait until next year. The more I improve, the more I learn about myself. For example, I used hate to exercise but now, I love it.
  • Self-care is a primary for me. Sometimes things get busy and I forget to rest or forget to eat or sleep. It’s important to check on myself that I am okay.
  • Lifestyle routine is also a main. I’m in the adult world- I need ensure to have a balance with busy life and with enjoy life. My goal for this time to spend time with people often. Travels and more adventures. Keep up with my hobbies such as read books. Write more blogs. You name it. As I’m weighing my life is tough but I’m hanging there daily

Many more to lists but these above are the key for me. One last thing is cherished every moments. No matter how small or big are, cherish it.

Thank you for reading this- you rock! 🤘🏻



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