Pura Vida

First of all,

                      WELCOME AMIGOS!

Whatever brought you here, you’re here for a reason.

To be honest, writing was never my thing. However, I learned that writing helps in many ways. I’m glad I did! It gave me engage to be an writer. I decided to become a blogger because I found an inspiration: my grandfather. He was an former author in Costa Rica. I wanted to be like him one day, as an author. Therefore, as a blogger, I believe it’s a way of connection with my grandfather- we’re both a writer. Cool, right?

With being said, I have a place for me to write HERE to able to share my story about struggles, experiences and memories. There are so much more to share such as favorites, fashions, etc!  

I hope you find inspiring here in any way.  And, enjoy too

Pura Vida,


DANI (1)

PURA VIDA is a phrase from Costa Rica where I grew up.

Pura means Pure. Vida means Life. Pure Life. My favorite motto because it sums up for everything. If people ask ‘how are you?’ and you just say ‘Pura Vida.’ Isn’t that cool?






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