Pura Vida

First of all, welcome amigos!

PURA VIDA is a phrase from Costa Rica and I grew up there.

Pura means Pure. Vida means Life. Pure Life. My favorite motto because it sums up for everything. If people ask ‘how are you?’ and you just say ‘Pura Vida.’ Isn’t that cool?!

I just want to share what Pura Vida means to me. If I see you, I’d probably say ‘Pura Vida’ and you’ll know what that means. 😉 However, as a foreign- not many people understand the definition of Pura Vida. It’s “symbolizes for Costa Ricans the simplicity of good living, attachment to humility, abundance, exuberance, well-being, happiness, satisfaction, conformity, happiness and optimism, associated with the art of appreciating the simple and natural way of life, the art of living.” I’m proud to be tica it means an colloquial term for a native of Costa Rica.

No matter where I am today, Costa Rica is my blood home forever.







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